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Generational Housing Specialist™
Move from Salesperson to Counselor —
Become a GHS™
12 Hours Consumer Protection Credit
  • Increase your business by understanding generational marketing.
  • Increase your closings by learning how generations make decisions differently.
  • Increase your negotiation skills based on generational personalities.
  • Increase your focus on the top markets - Gen X and the Millennials.
  • Increase your credibility by knowing housing trends, financial options, and investment strategies.
  • Increase your referrals by building a Clients for Life base.
  • Increase your income by becoming the Agent of Choice.

Register for the GHS™ Home Study Online Designation today to get the most relevant & practical advice to increase your closings. Learn more at

Developed with the insight and expertise of over 3 decades of real estate experience, the author of the original SRES expands that study to include the whole Generational Spectrum. Learn about the newest "top markets" from a Generational Real Estate Pioneer.

Purchase Agreement And Counter Offer
12 Hours Consumer Protection Credit
See more on the Purchase Agreement and Counter Offer Course
  • Learn to write a binding purchase agreement between Seller and Buyer.
  • Each agreement is detailed paragraph by paragraph.
  • Legal concepts are explored using a practical "hands on" approach to each paragraph of the Purchase Agreement, applicable addenda, and the Counter Offer.
  • Understand the single method of contingency removal.
  • Learn the use of the Notice to Perform.
  • Discover the contractual basis for Compensation Agreements.


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